FALL 2014

Introducing my incredible trick of the eye Bigger Brighter Eyes tutorial using my four NEW additions to the Rock N Kohl collection.

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There’s nothing worse than attending a summer barbeque and appearing so anemic you blend with the white tableware. We understand that many are shy of the sun and that’s a good thing, after all, it is the enemy of healthy skin, however, bronzer is summer skins best friend!

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Fix Your Hair Woes

An Interview with Frederic Fekkai

Few names generate the kind of excitement that Frédéric Fekkai creates when it comes to hair styling. Renowned the world over for styling the locks of super A list celebs and super models, he is friendly, approachable and simply the best at what he does. ... 
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The Rise of Resveratrol    
The Rise of Resveratrol

Listen to any nutrionist talk about Resveratrol and they will tell you, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, when it actually comes to clinical studies, there’s a lot of grey matter clouding the issue. ... Read More




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